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Text Messages for VA Appointment Reminders

Many Veterans are already receiving VEText appointment reminders

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Have you heard about VEText? VEText is VA's text messaging appointment reminder system to alert Veterans of upcoming health care appointments, allowing you to confirm or cancel quickly.

Many Veterans are already receiving interactive VEText appointment reminders. Every enrolled Veteran with a cell phone number listed in their health record is automatically enrolled in the program. In order for you to participate, make sure that your local medical center has your current phone numbers. You may update your phone numbers during check-in at your next appointment, or use the self-service kiosks located throughout VA facilities.

How does it work?

You will receive the first text message reminder seven days before your VA appointment. A second text message reminder will be sent two days before your appointment. The timing of the reminders may vary by facility. You should review the date and time of each appointment and use the prompts provided in the message to either confirm or cancel the appointment. You will receive multiple reminders if you have more than one appointment on the same day.

VEText works for VA health care appointments only and the text messages do not currently replace the letters and automated phone calls you already receive for appointment reminders. For a preview of VEText messaging, text @DEMO to 53079.

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Updated April 9, 2019