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Springtime is Flood Time. Prepare Yourself!

Truck in bad weather

As we trade our winter coats for light jackets it's time to prepare for spring's unpredictable weather. This winter's record snowfall and heavy rain will potentially make spring flooding a widespread issue for the Midwest and Northeast. With the risk of floods peaking from March through May, it's advised you get all of your health care needs and records ready before you find yourself in an emergency when you have to evacuate. My HealtheVet offers many useful tools to help Veterans and their families plan for what they may need to stay safe, healthy, and informed this spring season.

Collect your health information

With My HealtheVet, Veterans can conveniently access tools to help prepare for weather-related emergencies. With a Premium My HealtheVet account, you can use Secure Messaging to communicate with your VA health care team alerting them of your plans in case weather forces you out of your home. You can also download and print your VA health record and list of current medications to have on hand when a storm comes.

Ways My HealtheVet can help you prepare:

  • Have access to your VA medical records

  • List of all your current medications (login required)

  • Refill your VA prescriptions

  • Communicate with your doctor on Secure Messaging (login required)

  • Cancel or Reschedule your VA appointments

Make sure you have access

Severe weather can disrupt roads, electricity, gas, water, cell and internet phone service, so it is important to print out your information before a storm. You can access My HealtheVet features by upgrading your account to Premium status. Doing this will ensure you can prepare for what you need to stay healthy, safe, and informed.

As you plan today for tomorrow's potential weather emergencies remember that you should always take shelter in a safe location in accordance with your local government.

Remember that Secure Messaging is not for emergency communications. If you have any urgent medical needs, telephone your VA facility or call 911.

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Updated April 9, 2019