Help with Pressure Ulcers in a Mobile App

Tools for ulcer prevention and care

A skilled and well-informed caregiver can make a difference to a Veterans' health. Roughly 66 million people in the United States serve as caregivers. VA has a new mobile application (app) that can help caregivers and those they care for with pressure ulcers/injuries.

Pressure ulcers/injuries can develop when skin is pressed against hard surfaces or when skin slides against a surface area for long periods of time. The pressured area can block the blood flow and damage or kill the skin. This often occurs when someone is immobile, bedridden or confined to a wheelchair. While a discolored area of the skin doesn't sound like a huge concern, this minor irritation can quickly develop into a more serious health problem.

The VA Pressure Ulcer/Injury Resource (VA PUR) app can help Veterans and caregivers learn about preventing and taking care of existing pressure ulcers/injuries. The VA PUR app is an easy-to-use tool that helps prevent, understand and track pressure ulcers. It also provides access to other useful resources to help manage daily care.

There are four main pages of the app:

  • Home: Write journal entries, set reminders, find symptoms and causes, ask your medical team questions, and create shortcuts to your favorite features.

  • Learn: Learn about pressure ulcers/injuries; preventive measures and ways to manage nutrition, exercise, medicines, pain, vital signs and home safety; and tips for caregivers.

  • Tools: Watch videos on how to use the app and how to prevent and take care of existing pressure ulcers/injuries.

  • Get Help: Obtain support through text or chat and get directions to a facility or other resources near your home.

The app is now available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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VA Pressure Ulcer Resource App Quick Start Guide (VA mobile)

Created January 30, 2018