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My HealtheVet is Updating its Terms and Conditions

Your one-time acceptance will soon be required to log in

To continue to improve our services to you, we updated the My HealtheVet Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions is an agreement between you and My HealtheVet. The agreement defines the rules and requirements for using the site. It includes how My HealtheVet conducts business and lists the services offered. It also explains how your personal information will be used.

Beginning in late January, current My HealtheVet users will need to review the new Terms and Conditions version 3.0 and decide to accept them in order to use My HealtheVet. Additionally, all new users will be required to accept the agreement before they can use the services My HealtheVet offers. If you do not, you can still request access to your medical records at your local VA Facility Release of Information Office.

The new Terms and Conditions have been available for preview and acceptance since June 2017 My HealtheVet users who have already accepted the new Terms and Conditions will not be asked again or prompted to take any additional action to access the site when they log in.

Most of the My HealtheVet Terms and Conditions will remain unchanged. Here are the key changes:

  • Users no longer have to accept a separate Terms and Conditions for My HealtheVet, prescription refill, and Secure Messaging. The new Terms and Conditions include all three.

  • You must access your My HealtheVet account at least once every two (2) years to keep it active.

  • In the past, your self-entered data has not been viewable by your health care team. Based on feedback from our users, VA is working towards expanding the kinds of data health care teams may view. When different types of self-entered data become viewable by your health care team, they will be clearly labelled in the section where you enter the data.

Please remember that:

  • My HealtheVet protects your personal health information. My HealtheVet does not share your information with outside organizations.

  • Your My HealtheVet account includes an Account Activity Log, which allows you to view a history of actions taken on your account.

  • VA is committed to monitoring and protecting the security and privacy of its computer systems and websites, and your information.

  • The address, email, and telephone information you enter into your My HealtheVet account does not automatically update your official VA Health Record.

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Created December 27, 2017