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Did You Know? Track Your Allergies in 'Health History'

Older couple outsideAllergies can be uncomfortable to live with. A list of your seasonal allergies, food allergies and medication allergies can become a long list to manage. Luckily, My HealtheVet has a solution for helping to keep track of your allergies.

Within the Health History section of My HealtheVet, there are several parts that help you keep track of your health records. If you are a VA patient, it may also include information from your VA electronic health record. The Health History section has information about Allergies and Adverse Reactions.

In the Allergies and Adverse Reactions section, you are able to view your VA and self-entered allergies, reactions or side effects.

In the Self-Entered Allergies section, you can add your own entries to keep track of your allergies and adverse reactions. You will need to know the allergy itself, select a date, the severity of the reaction, if it has been diagnosed, and your reactions. Once you save it, it becomes a part of your Personal Health Record. You can then print out your personal health summary report to take to your health care provider. You can select Download My Data from the Blue Button page.

To find Allergies on My HealtheVet, log in to your premium account. Select 'Track Health' in the red navigation bar, then 'Health History' from the grey bar. From there you can view your VA Allergies & Adverse Reactions. On the left hand side, select Self-Entered Allergies to begin updating your Personal Health Record.

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