My HealtheVet Has a New Privacy Policy

My HealtheVet has updated its Privacy Policy. So what does that mean for My HealtheVet users?

For one, it is much easier to read and understand. VA reviewed the old Privacy Policy and simplified the language so that it is easier to understand.

In the new Privacy Policy, there is an explanation of data that My HealtheVet uses to learn how people use the site. Like most federal websites, My HealtheVet uses cookies to collect information based on website usage. VA does not collect any personal, identifiable information about website usage, and your medical information is never connected to cookies.

What easy steps can you take to protect your privacy?

  • Always log out of your account when you are finished.

  • Do not save your password to any computer, even if it is the one you use at home.

  • Remember to use a strong password that includes numbers and capital letters.

The previous Privacy Policy will still be available as a reference for a limited time.

Created February 1, 2017