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Infographic: Take Charge with My HealtheVet in Your Cycle of Care

Take charge of your health care management this year with My HealtheVet. Did you know that My HealtheVet has the tools to help you manage your health care before, during, after, and in between your visits?

Before your next medical appointment, you can find out your health age and get suggestions for how to improve your health. You can also keep track of your medications and review your doctor's notes from your last visit. During your visit, you can bring a list of questions that you developed based on the information in your provider's notes and from what you've learned in My HealtheVet and the Veterans Health Library. In the days after the appointment, you can read your updated notes, track your new health goals, check lab results and ask follow-up questions with Secure Messaging.

In between your visits, you have these tools to stay in the center of managing your own health with My HealtheVet. So start now to take control of your healthcare in the New Year!

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Take Charge Infographic

Updated January 4, 2017