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The Great American Smokeout

Are you still trying to quit smoking? Then you haven't failed. Let's continue our journey this November with the Great American Smokeout.

The Great American Smokeout 2016

Now is an ideal time for smokers to be encouraged to quit smoking or create a quit plan. At VA we know quitting is hard work that often involves multiple quit attempts, on average 8-10 tries. All of this can leave you feeling frustrated and with little hope that your quit will last. But in fact, every attempt at quitting gets you closer to your goal and creating a quit plan is an excellent place to start.

Today is the best day to create your quit plan. You can do this by visiting the Build Your Quit Plan portion of the website SmokefreeVET, a collaborative effort between VA and the National Cancer Institute.

First you pick your quit date. Then you check off your reasons for quitting, your smoking triggers, and the strategies you'd like to use to fight nicotine cravings. Your plan can also include information on sources of extra support that may be helpful. You can send emails to family and friends asking them to support you while you quit and even invite someone to quit along with you. When you're done creating your quit plan, you'll generate it into a PDF that can be printed or saved to your computer.

Online chat screenNew to SmokefreeVET is a live chat feature where you can get support in real time. While on the website, a pop-up box will appear asking you if you'd like to chat online with a trained counselor from VA's smoking quitline 1-855-QUIT-VET. In the box, you can type in any questions or concerns you have on quitting and the counselor will respond. Not only will they help you with your quit plan, they will also let you know about additional quit supports, including medications, available through VA.

The SmokefreeVET website is just one of VA's tools to help you quit tobacco. Please talk to your VA health care provider to find out how they can help you quit and visit VA's Tobacco & Health for more information on support resources.

Updated November 2, 2016