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Sharing Your Health Information

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Do you want to be an active partner with your health care team? Healthcare is more than going to your health care provider when you are sick or for an annual exam. Good healthcare (PDF) is about you and members of your healthcare team sharing information. When you share your health information, you become a partner with your health care team. Sharing your health information may also improve your care. Your health care team can give you safer care if they know all about your health and health history. You can share your health information not only during your face-to-face visit with your provider but also by using a personal health record with the ability to view, print and download your health information.

Where can I keep my health information?

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Most people have a number of health concerns. As a result, they may visit more than one health care provider. Some Veterans use both the VA health care system as well as non-VA health care resources. If you have a number of health concerns, keeping track of all your health measures can be tough. Take advantage of VA's personal health record, My HealtheVet, to take an active role your health. Using My HealtheVet makes it easy to gather and manage health information in one secure location. My HealtheVet tools may help you or your loved one deal with your health concerns between visits. Using My HealtheVet makes it easier to organize and share your health information. As a registered user of My HealtheVet, you can:

  • Use your health facts to make the best health care decisions - record your medical events to help you and your health care team manage your health

    • Such as recording when you had your last eye exam

  • Track and manage your health information - record your health measures

    • Such as your blood pressure

    • Keep a journal of what you eat and your physical activity

  • Get Organized - If you are a VA patient who has an upgraded account, you may get wellness reminders that let you know when you are due for health care

    • Such as when your flu shot is due

  • Get prepared for your appointment - be ready with questions for your health care team

How can I share my health information?

The My HealtheVet Blue Button is a tool that gives you a detailed view of your My HealtheVet information. This view provides health information you entered in My HealtheVet. When you select the Blue Button, your My HealtheVet information is available for you to view and print. You can also download your My HealtheVet information to a computer or other device (such as a CD or thumb drive). This way you can take your personal health information with you. You can chose to share this information with your health care team, caregivers or any other provider.

Tip: Anytime and anywhere you can reach the Internet you can use the Blue Button to get your My HealtheVet health information.


  1. What is a CD?

    A Compact Disc (also known as a CD) is a round shaped disc used to store information from your computer. A CD is portable and requires special handling to prevent damage to the recording. A CD is one of the most common ways to store information.

  2. What is a thumb drive?

    A thumb drive is a small electronic device used to store information from your computer. It also is called a flash drive or pen drive. A thumb drive is lightweight, portable and easy to use for moving information. It fits into the USB slot on a computer. Then the computer can read your transferred information.

Updated September 1, 2010