Self-Management - Healthy Sleep

Self-Management - Healthy Sleep

If you are having difficulty sleeping, you can develop new skills and make behavior changes to help you sleep more restfully. These new skills and behaviors include advice on how to promote sleep without the use of sleeping medications. Sleep difficulty often includes difficulty falling asleep and problems waking up during the night. Sleep promotion includes helping you find ways to fall asleep and stay asleep .

This section helps you understand and track your progress through use of various health tools.

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Reviewed/Updated Date: January 2012
Clinical Advisory Board Sponsors: Karen M. Ott
Clinical Subject Matter Experts: Dr. Dana R. Epstein, Dr. Gail Powell-Cope, Dr. Joseph V. Agostini, Dr. Monica S. Horton
Patient Education Subject Matter Experts: Eileen Canzonetti, Karen M. Ott, Patricia Jost


Tip of the Day

Tip of Day

"Wellness" is:
Not Smoking;
Using alcohol only in moderation, if at all;
Eating right by eating light; getting lots of exercise;
Keeping your stress level down;
Having BALANCE in your life
So why should we do all these things? Because it feels soooo GOOD!