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Self-Entered Information (SEI) Detail Page

NOTE - Only Name, Category and Start Date are required for self-entered medications and supplements.

Name - The name of the self-entered medication is displayed.

Category - The category, i.e., Herbal, OTC, Rx Medication, Supplement, or Other is displayed.

Prescription Number - When appropriate, a prescription number may be displayed in this field.

Strength - The strength of the item may be displayed in this field.

Dose - The number of units taken at a time (e.g., 2 tabs, 3 ounces) may be displayed in this field.

Frequency - The frequency of the dosage may be displayed in this field.

Start Date - A start date is displayed in this field.

Stop Date - A stop date may be displayed in this field.

Pharmacy Name - The name of the pharmacy where the medication was dispensed may be displayed.

Pharmacy Phone Number - The phone number of the pharmacy that dispensed the item may be displayed.

Reason for Taking - A reason for taking this item (e.g., prescribed by doctor, for headaches, etc.) may be displayed.

Comments - Additional comments may appear in this field.

Add a Medication - Click this link to display the My HealtheVet Meds, OTC, Herbals, and Supplements page titled: View Medications, OTCs, Herbals & Supplements Information (self-entered) (Personal Health Journal)

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