Risk Reduction - Physical Activity

By becoming more physically active and losing weight, you can lower your risk of many chronic health problems, get many health benefits and feel great too!

You can read more about the benefits of physical activity and the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

The MOVE!® Weight Management Program for Veterans website includes many handouts to help you become more physically active.

MOVE!® Weight Management Program Link

MOVE!!® Program

MOVE!® Weight Management Program Handouts (PDF)

How Do I Get Started With Increasing My Physical Activity

Benefits of Regular Physical Activity


Strength Training Benefits

10 Health Gains from a 10% Weight Loss

Reviewed/Updated Date: January 2012
Clinical Advisory Board Sponsor: Dr. Linda Kinsinger
Clinical Subject Matter Experts: Dr. Kenneth R. Jones, Sophia Hurley
Patient Education Subject Matter Experts: Dr. Rose Mary Pries, Dr. Pam Hebert