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Questions to Ask Health Care Provider

  • What is the medication for and how is it going to help me?
  • How and when should I use the medication?
  • How much do I use?
  • How long should I use it?
  • Can I stop using the medication or use less if I feel better?
  • What should I do if I forget to take the medication or I use too much?
  • Will the medication take the place of anything else I am using?
  • When will the medication start working?
  • How should I expect to feel?
  • Are there any special directions for using the medication?
  • Should I avoid any other medications, supplements, drinks, foods, activities, or other things while on this medication?
  • Is there anything I should watch for, like allergic reactions or side effects?
  • What do I do if I get any side effects?
  • Will I need any tests to check the medication's effects (blood tests, x-rays, other)? When will I need those?
  • Do I need to keep this medication in the refrigerator?
  • Is there patient information for this medication?

Reviewed/Updated Date: May 2011
Clinical Advisory Board Sponsor: Rose Mary Pries, PhD
Clinical Subject Matter Experts: Maureen Layden, MD, MPH; Eric Spahn, PharmD
Patient Education Subject Matter Experts: Kathy Horvath, PhD