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Preventing Infection

Infection: Don't Pass It On

  • Vaccination for Seasonal Flu (.wmv format / 3.98Mb): If you are not living in a bubble, you may want to view this short clip on flu vaccination. You will learn how to protect yourself, family and friends.
  • How Flu is Spread (.wmv format / 5.04Mb): View this clip to see how flu spreads and what you can do to reduce your contact with these viruses.
  • Fighting Germs with Clean Hands (.wmv format / 4.88Mb): Madam Sylvia helps you learn the correct way to clean your hands.
  • Respiratory Etiquette (.wmv format / 3.50Mb): Germs and viruses are all around us, in the air and on surfaces we touch. This clip shows you how to prevent their spread and stay healthier.

Updated/Reviewed: June 5, 2009