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Personal Information: Self-Reported

What is the Personal Information feature?

The Personal Information feature allows you to self-enter and keep track of your Personal Information. Here, you will find the important information you self-entered when you registered for My HealtheVet ( This information includes your name, address, phone number(s) and emergency contact information. You can also use this feature to manage your account and change your password.

What are the requirements for using the Personal Information feature in My HealtheVet?

To use the Personal Information feature, you must be registered in My HealtheVet.

If you are a Veteran and use the VA Healthcare System, you are encouraged to obtain a My HealtheVet Premium* account. With this account you will have access to key portions of your VA health care record and Secure Messaging with your VA health care teams.

*To get a My HealtheVet Premium account, you will need to go through authentication. This is a process by which VA verifies a Veteran's identity. This is done before allowing access to your VA health care record. To learn more, go to Upgrading your My HealtheVet account through In-Person or Online Authentication

How do I access the Personal Information feature?

  • Log into your My HealtheVet account

  • Select the Personal Information tab

What are the benefits of using the Personal Information feature?

As long as you have Internet access, you can view your Personal Information. Your information is available 24/7 at your convenience.

What information is included in the Personal Information feature?

  • In Case of Emergency:

    • Contact Name

    • Preferred Contact Method

    • Primary Address

    • Contact Information

  • Profiles:

    • Identification

      • Name

      • Social Security Number

    • Relationship to the VA:

      • VA Patient

      • Veteran

      • Health Care Provider

      • Veteran Advocate/Family Member/Friend

      • VA Employee

      • Other

    • Donor Information:

      • Blood Type

      • Organ Donor

    • Primary Address

      • Country

      • Address 1:

      • Address 2:

      • City:

      • State:

      • Zip/Postal Code:

      • Province (if outside U.S.)

    • Contact Information

      • Preferred Method of Contact

      • Email:

      • Home Phone:

      • Mobile Phone:

      • Work Phone:

      • Fax:

      • Pager:

    • Account Information

      • Password Hint Questions and Answers

  • Download My Data: VA Blue Button

    • You can view, print or download all of the Personal Information currently available in your My HealtheVet account. You can get your VA Blue Button information in two file formats:

      • Adobe PDF file format that is easy to read and print (.pdf file)

      • Simple text format (.txt file)

  • My Account

    • Change Your Password

    • Account Activity History

    • Authentication

  • Health Information Card: this is a wallet-sized card that you can print. It contains the following self-entered Personal Information:

    • Name

    • Address

    • Blood Type

    • Email

    • Allergies

    • Medical Conditions

    • Primary Provider

    • Primary Insurance

    • Emergency Contact Information

Can I change or remove the information that I self-entered in my Personal Information?

The ability to edit your Personal Information is based on your account type. All users who have a Basic account are able to edit their self-entered information. However, if you are a VA patient, with an Advanced or Premium account some of your Personal Information is locked and cannot be edited by you. This is because the information on your registration form is used to verify your identify by matching it against your VA records. After the match is made, your name, gender, date of birth and Social Security Number information is 'locked down' and cannot be edited.

Is the information in the Personal Information feature protected, secure, and private?

My HealtheVet is a secure website. The VA follows strict security policies and practices to make sure that your personal health information is safe and protected.

Important to Note: You are responsible for protecting your personal information you print out or download. It is important to protect your information. Protect this information the same way you would protect your banking or credit card information. Do not leave your printed information on a printer. Do not save your downloaded information to a public computer. When using a public computer, save your information to a CD and/or thumb drive. Remember to take the CD or thumb drive with you when you finish. You should never send an email that contains personal health information. This is because email is not secure.

8. Can my VA and/or Non-VA health care team view Personal Information that I self-entered?

No, your VA and/or Non-VA health care team cannot view any information in your Personal Health Record. This includes your Personal Information. Your health care team does not have access to this information unless you print it and share it with them.

Can I view, print or download my Personal Information?

To print using the Personal Information section of My HealtheVet:

  • Log into your My HealtheVet account

  • Select the Personal Information tab

  • Select the Health Information Card tab

  • Select Print

You can also view, print and download using the VA Blue Button:

  • Log into your My HealtheVet account

  • Select Download My Data (Blue Button icon)

  • On the Download My Data page, Select Continue

  • You can now select the Types of Information

    • Choose Select one or more types of information

    • Select Personal Information

    • Select Submit

    • Select either Download PDF File for a format that is easy to read and print (PDF file) or Download for a simple text format (.txt file)

    • Select View/Print if you want a printed list

    • Select the Done box to return to the previous screen

What should I do if I have any questions about information I self-enter in my Personal Information?

If you have questions about your Personal Information:

Select the Learn More link under the About MHV tab. Here, you can find general information about Personal Information.

If you still have questions you can contact the MHV Coordinator at your local VA Medical Center or talk with a member of your health care team.

Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with the Personal Information feature?

You can contact My HealtheVet about technical problems you may have with the Personal Information feature. Simply complete the Contact MHV form to send a message to the My HealtheVet Help Desk. The Help Desk staff will respond to your inquiry within three (3) business days.