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My HealtheVet VA Demographics

VA Demographics is the personal information in your official VA health record. This may include:

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Home address

  • Ethnicity

  • Employment

  • Civil Guardian

  • Social Security Number

  • Religion

  • Home phone number

  • Next of Kin

  • Insurance

  • Enrollment Group

  • Gender

  • Marital status

  • Race

  • Eligibility

  • VA Guardian

Keep this information up-to-date so the VA can contact you. The correct Next of Kin information is needed in case of an emergency.

You can use the VA Blue Button to view, print, or download your VA Demographics information. Go to VA Demographics Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more. This section has questions and answers to most concerns.

General Information

  1. VA Demographics is a section of the My HealtheVet Personal Health Record found under the VA Blue Button section. To view your VA Demographics you must:

    *To get a My HealtheVet Premium account, you will need to go through authentication. This is a process by which VA verifies a Veterans' identity before allowing access to your VA health record. To learn more, go to: Upgrading your My HealtheVet account through In-Person or Online Authentication.

    • Be a Veteran enrolled at a VA health care facility

    • Be a registered as a VA Patient in My HealtheVet

    • Have a My HealtheVet Premium* account

  2. The information in your My HealtheVet Profile (under the Personal Information tab) and in VA Demographics may be different. Changing the information in your My HealtheVet Profile DOES NOT change the information in the official VA health record. To change your VA Demographics information:


The Research Health section of My HealtheVet is where you can get health information, research a topic, and simply learn more about your health. Read about common conditions and VA health programs. Get answers to your health questions from trusted medical resources. My HealtheVet makes it easy to stay informed by bringing a wealth of information right to your fingertips.

Talk With Your Health Care Provider: Your health care team is there to assist you with your health care needs. You can help by doing things to make your visits more productive. For example, a great deal of the information needed to make a diagnosis is based on your description of symptoms, recent changes, and your history. Do not be afraid to share that information during your visit.

A New Model of VA Health Care: Patient Aligned Care Teams: The VA's goal is to help you stay healthy. Providing health information and reminding you about recommended preventive care is an important part of Patient Aligned Care Teams.