This is the information about your medications that should be included in your Medication List and Medication Review:

  • All prescription medications and dose
  • Why you take it
  • All over-the-counter medications you take, like medications for pain, heartburn, bowels, skin, eyes and ears, or vitamins and herbals, and health foods
  • Any food or drink that your are talking that is new for you
  • For example Aspirin 325 mg, I take one of these pills every day to prevent heart attack

Use the medication list in my HealtheVet to track your medications. Then print a copy for your wallet, one you keep close to your phone and do not forget to take a copy every time you see your provider.

Most common drug side effects:

Less-Common drug reactions:

Here are some places where you can find additional information about medications you are on, some good safety practices, where you can report medication errors and other topics on medication safety:

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Reviewed/Updated Date: May 2011
Clinical Advisory Board Sponsor: Rose Mary Pries, PhD
Clinical Subject Matter Experts: Maureen Layden, MD, MPH; Eric Spahn, PharmD
Patient Education Subject Matter Experts: Kathy Horvath, PhD

Tip of the Day

Tip of Day

Eat more often to lose weight! Eating five or six small meals a day is healthier and more conducive to losing weight than three large meals. If you are trying to lose weight, take the amount of food you would normally eat at three meals and divide it in half and portion it out in five small meals throughout the day. Smaller portions eaten throughout the day not only prevent binge eating, it also speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn calories more efficiently over a longer period of time.

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