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Learning New Skills and Behaviors - Eat Wisely

Meal Planning

Since eating wisely involves making healthy food choices planning ahead (PDF) is very important. Go to the grocery store with a list, choose restaurants with healthy options, and set healthy eating goals for yourself.

When eating at home (PDF), plan a menu for the week, sit at the table to eat, and consider using smaller plates and bowls.

You can eat well on a budget (PDF) by planning in advance. Check out the weekly ads for supermarket deals, clip coupons, and choose fruit and vegetables that are in season and on sale.

Diabetic Diet

Healthy Eating for Diabetics is the first step in controlling diabetes. Here are some helpful tips for healthy eating.

Low Salt Diet

Most people with heart problems need to eat less salt, which is full of sodium. Too much sodium can be linked to high blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the greater your risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney problems. Learn about some Tips for Using Less Salt.

What is the Shake on Salt? The shake is that most Americans eat too much salt in their food! Reducing sodium in our diet can help prevent stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and heart failure.

MOVE! Weight Management Program Handouts (PDF)

Lose Weight by Planning Ahead (PDF)

Eating at Home (PDF)

Eating well on a Budget (PDF)

Updated January 2012
Clinical Advisory Board Sponsor: Dr. Linda Kinsinger
Clinical Subject Matter Experts: Dr. Kenneth R. Jones, Lynn A. Novorska
Patient Education Subject Matter Expert: Dr. Rose Mary Pries