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How Do I Get My HealtheVet Data As A Download?

Contributed by Kim Nazi

computer user in wheelchairVeterans can view their My HealtheVet personal health information using a Web browser. If the Veteran has an upgraded account, this information is a blend of self-entered data and available information from their VA Electronic Health Record. A new feature called the "Blue Button" provides an easy way for My HealtheVet users to also download their personal health information. This information can be for the Veterans' own use or for use in other systems.

The Blue Button makes it possible for Veterans to view, print, or save their personal health information. Veterans can download a file to a location that they choose. This file can be used with other programs. Of course, sharing health information has both benefits and risks. It is important to follow safe information practices. The Department of Veterans Affairs cares about Veterans' privacy and security.

What Does This Mean to Me?

couple with doctorAt one time, you paid your bills by mail and deposited your checks at your local bank. Now you can access your bank account, pay bills, and deposit or withdraw money through an ATM or your bank¿s website. Your bank is simple to use while still being safe, secure, and reliable.

My HealtheVet now offers the ability to download your personal health information using the Blue Button. You can do this when you are at home, at a medical center or anywhere that you have Internet access. The Blue Button is safe, secure, reliable and simple to use.

UPDATE: Read how the Blue Button has been upgraded since this page was first published. The Blue Button has grown with VA OpenNotes, VA Appointments, a CCD file for you to share your data between systems, lab test results and more!

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