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How A Veteran Marine Stays Fit

Contributed by Margo Ellis, USME, Ret.

I separated from active duty two years ago. Since that time, My HealtheVet has helped me improve my health and quality of life. As a Marine, I thought I needed to run several miles a day to stay healthy. When I was on active duty, I took ibuprophen, or as we used to call it Vitamin M, to push through the pain of knee and back injuries. In the past, I accepted pain as the price of staying healthy. However, as a Veteran working with my health care team, I learned that pain is not normal. Pain should not be ignored. It took a lot of convincing, but eventually I accepted a definition of health that embraces pain free health. Sadly, for me this meant cutting back on a lot of the strenuous activity that was the source of my pride.

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Learning how my My HealtheVet fit into my life also took some time. When I first signed up (Registered on My HealtheVet) I planned to use the activity and diet journals to stay super fit. In my busy schedule however, keeping up with both was not practical. What was practical, was engaging the healthy living centers and online health links to find ways to pain management and ways to improve my health. My new source of pride is in making wise decisions that I know will benefit my long-term health. Looking great is not satisfying unless you also feel great. For me, as I am sure for many Veterans, feeling great is a relative term. I may always have some degree of pain, but with My HealtheVet, I have a full time partner and ally in managing it. My HealtheVet is there for me.

US Marine Retiree, Margo Ellis, is on her laptop using the My HealtheVet website.

As my ally in health maintenance, My HealtheVet gives me great advice and tools to manage my personal health information. My HealtheVet also runs errands for me. Online prescription refill saves me the time and trouble of running this errand. Using My HealtheVet to get my medications refilled ends with my medications being delivered to my home. As a Veteran who works full time and goes to school in the evening, my time is precious. I am thankful that My HealtheVet helps me make best use of my time. My HealtheVet lets me manage my health in a way that is convenient for me.

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Updated January 11, 2016