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Your VA Health Summary: Share Data for Better Care

Do you receive care at VA and from other providers in the community who are not part of VA? Have you ever been away from home and needed to see a new doctor or go to an emergency room? If so, you are not alone. Many Veterans receive care from community, or non-VA providers, as well as from VA. This care may be routine care that was planned or unexpected emergency care. In these situations it is very important for your VA health information to be shared with your community providers.

Medications: Keep Track and Play It Safe

Do you know the right names of all the medicines you take and why you take them? Do you have trouble remembering if you took your medicine when you were supposed to?
While medicine can help us feel better, thousands of people die each year because of medication mistakes. Use the tools and information on My HealtheVet to help you manage your medicines by tracking prescriptions, refilling them online, and more.

What's YOUR health age?

The healtheliving assessment is the first step to making healthy changes. This online tool asks you questions about your health history and habits. For example, there are questions about your family health history and lifestyle choices. It also includes reports. Your reports show you your health age, current health status, and suggestions to improve your health - and lower your risk of disease. But what if your health age is not quite what you hoped it would be?

Breathe, Stretch Your Way to Pain Relief

If chronic pain has you down, give yourself a lift - with yoga. Research increasingly shows yoga may be an effective prescription for pain relief.
Physical activity, in general, is the best thing you can do to break the cycle of chronic pain, according to Dr. Donna Ames, a psychiatrist with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Pain causes you to favor the parts of your body that hurt by becoming inactive, adopting unnatural positions, or overusing other parts of your body.

Improving Diabetes Management While Increasing Access

My HealtheVet's Secure Messaging feature is paving the way for improvements in patient care. A new pilot program was recently launched that trains patients with diabetes on how to track their blood sugar levels. It also teaches them how to update their health care providers on their glucose levels through Secure Messages. This "Virtual Care" experience has been shrinking appointment scheduling windows from six to two weeks. It has even demonstrated how it can give Veterans the...
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The Blue Button is a feature that packages all your available health records into a single file that you can safely share with doctors, nurses, clinicians, even family members. Read More

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If you are a Veteran and use the VA health care system, then a Premium My HealtheVet Account is for you. To upgrade your account, you need to be authenticated. What you need to know ยป