Helpful Tips - Physical Activity

Support Your Efforts

Support from family and friends is important when trying to increase physical activity.

One of the most powerful things you can do to become more physically active is to get support and encouragement from other people. When others give you lots of encouragement, it makes you feel like you can do anything!! It is really motivating!

Tell your family and friends what they can do to help. Let them know that their support is extremely important to you.

Enlist a walking or exercise buddy to help you stay motivated. Exercise can be fun (PDF) when you get the whole family involved.

Stay on Track

Once you start increasing your physical activity you may find that you have lots more energy and are really enjoying the new, more active, you. However, it can sometimes be difficult to stay on track. Here are some tips to help keep you focused and motivated (PDF).

Prevent Sore Muscles or Injury

Sometimes your muscles need to adjust to new activity. If you find that your muscles are sore and/or you get cramps while exercising, slow down your activity. Drink before, during and after exercise and wear appropriate shoes. Here is some more information on how to prevent sore muscles and cramps (PDF). Remember, always warm-up and cool-down (PDF) properly before and after physical activity.

Weather and Your Safety

Cold weather does not have to slow you down. Stay safe in the cold (PDF) by dressing properly, drinking enough fluid and not overdoing it. You should also take extra care when exercising in warm weather (PDF). Avoid the hottest times of the day, drink lots of water, wear loose fitting clothing and use sunscreen.

MOVE! Weight Management Program Handouts (PDF)

Exercise can be Fun! 

Yes! Now you are doing it! 


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Updated January 2012