Calendar Summary

The new My HealtheVet calendar has a much improved look and feel and establishes a framework for new functions. National events will now appear in the calendar, and VA representatives will be able to enter regional and local events.

Future additions will allow for extracts of appointments from VistA, Rx Refill medication reminders, and the ability to schedule VA appointments.

To-Do List Page

The To-Do List displays all of the To-Do items entered into the calendar, in Due Date order from oldest to newest.

To-Do List View - The default To-Do List view is Show All To-Do's. Click on the combo box arrow combo box arrow to display the list of Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Deferred, or Show All To-Do's. Make a selection and then click Go.

Add Event - Click the Add Event link to display the Event Details page.

Add To-Do (*Required) - Click the Add To-Do link to display the To-Do Details page.

Search - To search for Events and To-Do's, enter a word, a partial word, or multiple words into the text box at the top of the calendar, and then click Search.

Printer Friendly - Click this link to display a page designed to print on an 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper.

Preferences - Click this link to change preferences for viewing the calendar.

Export - Click this link to display the Export page where the event categories can be exported, in Microsoft Comma Separated Values (.csv) format.

Navigating to Other Views (*Required) - To display a different view, click the Day, Week, Month, List View, or To-Do tab at the top of the calendar page.

Using the To-Do Page

To-Do's are displayed in a tabular format, with the following columns:

  • To-Do Name (a blue underlined link)

  • Due Date

  • Status

  • Edit (a blue underlined link)

  • Delete

Edit an Item - Click either the To-Do Name or the Edit icon Edit icon link (in the far right column) to edit an item in the To-Do list.

Delete an Item - Click the Delete icon Delete icon link (in the far right column) to delete an item in the To-Do list.

Number of Items Displayed - The To-Do List page displays 10 rows by default. To view more than 10 rows click on the desired number of rows (10, 25, 50, or All) to display per page, as shown in the graphic below. Click the page number or the Next/Last links to move between the pages.