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Calendar Summary

The new My HealtheVet calendar has an improved look and feel. National events will now appear in the calendar, and VA representatives will be able to enter regional and local events.

Future additions will display VA appointments and VA prescription refill reminders.

Export Page

The Export function allows you to share information in your My HealtheVet calendar with other calendar applications.

Jump to Date - Click the Jump to Date icon calendar icon to open a yearly calendar where any day can be selected.

Add Event - Click the Add Event link to display the Event Details page.

Add To-Do - Click the Add To-Do link to display the To-Do Details page.

Search - To search for Events and To-Do's, enter a word, a partial word, or multiple words into the text box at the top of the calendar, and then click Search.

Preferences - Click this link to change the preferences for viewing the calendar.

Export - Click this link to display the Export page where the event categories can be exported to other calendar applications.

Navigating to Other Views - To display the calendar in a different view, click the Day, Week, Month, List View, or To-Do tab at the top of the calendar page.

Using the Export Page

Export Start/End Date (*Required) - Select a Start Date and an End Date using the calendar icon to export information from the calendar to a .csv file.

NOTE: Comma Separated Values (.csv) is a file format that is used to import events to other calendar programs. Please follow your calendar program directions to import events.

Please note: the My HealtheVet Help Desk only supports the Export function of the My HealtheVet calendar.

Categories (*Required) - Select the categories to be included in the download. To include a category, click on the checkbox to the left of the category name. To remove a category that has already been included, click on the checkbox to remove the checkmark.

NOTE: It may be necessary to map calendar categories to an appropriate category in your calendar application before uploading it.

Export (optional) - Click the Export button to export the data to a .csv file.