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Goal Examples

This is the Goal Examples page. The Goal Examples are Goals that are common to many people, including Veterans. However, these examples are not taken from any specific Veteran. You can use a Goal Example to help you create your own Goal. Select the one you would like to use. You will be able to choose the options that work for you. Later you will be given the option to update your Goal (including Start and End Dates, Goal Priority, etc).

Some of the Goal Examples available include:

  • Health - Lose 20 Pounds

  • Finance - Be Debt Free

  • Work - Get a Job

  • Leisure Activity - Have More Fun

  • Living Situation - Find a Place to Live

  • Relationships - Dating

  • Learning - Go to School

  • Relationships - Join a Support Group

  • Spirituality - Be Active in a Faith Group

  • Relationships - Let Go of My Grudges, Anger and Resentment

Use This Goal - Each Goal Example has a Use This Goal button. Select the Use This Goal button below the Goal Example you want to use. You will continue to the Goal Example page where your Goal will be displayed.