Edit Entry Screen

With the Edit screen, you can edit information that was previously recorded. There are several input fields available for you to record or change information about this entry. The available fields are described below. Some of these fields are required and some are optional. The required fields are indicated by an asterisk symbol (*). Food Journal allows you to enter individual meal items as well as information about the whole day. The page is divided into three sections. The top section is the daily summary information. The middle section is where you enter your meal items. And the lower section is a display of your meal items, organized by meal. When you enter a meal item in the middle section and click "Add Meal Item," the page will refresh with the meal item inserted in the lower "Meals for the Day" display area. You may edit or delete individual meal items from this lower section. You may continue to add meal items on this screen until you are done. You must click the Save Day button for your entry to be recorded. After you click "Save Day" or "Cancel" you will be taken back to the Summary screen. The "Reset" button will return the fields to their original state. You may also choose to delete the entry by clicking the "Delete" button. If for some reason the system is not able to process your entry, the page will refresh with a message explaining what must be done to proceed.

Using this Page

Daily Information - This is where you enter or change information that pertains to the entire day. You may save this daily information alone by using the Save Day button at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, you must enter at least one Meal Item to save the record for this day.

  • Date - Once a Food Journal record has been saved the date cannot be changed without deleting the entry.

  • Week Day - This field automatically displays the day of the week for your Date entry, and is not editable.

  • Water (Number of 8oz. glasses) - Enter the total number of 8oz. glasses of water you drank on this day.

  • Comments - This is where you can enter any additional thoughts you had about this particular day's entry. You may enter up to 255 characters.

Meal Item - Use this section to enter meal items one at a time. Meal Items will be added to the lower "Meals for the Day" section below when you click the "Add Meal Item" button.

  • Meal Type - (Required) Select Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack from the drop-down list to classify this meal item.

  • Qty - Select the amount (Quantity) of food or beverage item you consumed from the drop-down list.

  • Svg Size - Select the volume (Serving Size) of food or beverage from the drop-down list.

  • Food/Beverage Item (Required) - Type in the name of the food or beverage item in this field. You may enter up to 50 characters.

  • Prep Method - Select the Preparation Method used to cook this food or beverage item from the drop-down list.

  • Add Meal Item - Click this button to save this meal item to the "Meals for the Day" table below. You will be able to edit or delete these meal items from the table after you have saved them.

  • Update - This button appears in the "Meal Item" section when there is an item ready for editing. Click this button to save the item back to the "Meals for the Day" section when you are done making changes. You must click this button or the Cancel button to exit edit mode.

  • Cancel - If you clicked the pencil icon from the Meals for the Day table, but decided you do not want to make any changes, click the Cancel button and the meal item will return to the Meals for the Day table unchanged. You must click this button or the Update button to proceed.

Meals for the Day - This section will show your meal items as you entered and saved them from the Meal Item section above. Meal items are organized by Meal Type. Each Meal Item in this table will have a pencil icon for editing and an "X" icon for deleting the item.

  • Edit (pencil icon) - Clicking this icon for each meal item will put the item into edit mode and allow you to make changes to the entry. The page will refresh and you will see that the line is highlighted in yellow and the item details will appear in the "Meal Item" section above for you to make changes.

  • Delete ("X" icon) - You may delete a Meal Item from the Meals for the Day table by clicking this icon.

Save Day - Click this button to save this record and to return to the Summary page.