Edit Entry Screen

With the Edit screen, you can edit information that was previously recorded. You may change any of the information for a record. The input fields for Family Health History are described below. Some of these fields are required and some are optional. The required fields are indicated by an asterisk symbol (*). You must click the Save button for your changes to be recorded. After you click "Save" or "Cancel" you will be taken back to the Summary screen. The "Reset" button will return the fields to the original values before any changes were made. You may also choose to delete the entry by clicking the "Delete" button. If for some reason the system is not able to process your entry, the page will refresh with a message explaining what must be done to proceed.

Using this Page

Step 1: Relationship

  • Relationship (Required) - Select the relationship of the relative you wish to enter health history information from the drop-down list.

  • First Name (Required) - You must enter at least the first name to identify this relative.

  • Last Name - You may also enter the last name of this relative.

Step 2: Health History

  • Health conditions (Required) - Check the box or boxes corresponding to the health conditions you wish to record about this family member. This information may help your doctor better understand and treat your own health conditions.

  • Other Health Issue - If the health condition is not listed above, you may enter it in this box. You must click the "Add Health Issue" button to add the item to the entry. The item will appear in the table below.

Step 3: Comments - This is where you can enter any additional thoughts you had about this particular health record. You may enter up to 255 characters.

Save - You must click this button to save the entry.