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What Makes My HealtheVet Great?

High Customer Satisfaction

My HealtheVet uses the Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) survey, based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, to assess customer satisfaction and to collect direct Veteran feedback. The survey has been a powerful tool to better understand users' characteristics, needs, and preferences; and to identify enhancements to improve the patient experience. The research arm of the My HealtheVet organization makes full use of this survey; a typical year sees a few academic, peer-reviewed medical journal publications based on My HealtheVet research that frequently draws on survey results. Even after a recent redesign, when we expect satisfaction to drop, the October 2017 satisfaction score reached 79 (six points above our previous averages), outperforming the private sector average of 66 and the public-sector average of 72.

Anyone can see recent usage and demographic data about My HealtheVet.