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Chemistry/Hematology - Specimen Detail

The Chemistry/Hematology - Specimen Detail page is a read-only page where the details of specimen test results can be viewed.

When the Detail page appears, an icon Blue Update Icon and a message that a record has been updated by your VA provider may display at the top of the page.

Printer Friendly - Select this link to display a printer friendly page designed to print on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

The Summary page displays up to 10 rows. When there are more than 10 rows, you may change the page to display 25, 50, or 100 rows on one page.

Screen shot to display the desired number of rows per page

Amended - If this word appears to the left of the Test Name column, it indicates that the test result value changed after a result value was released to your provider. Amended results are available immediately. If you have a test result that was corrected, you will see the word Amended next to the test.

Test Name - Indicates the name of the lab test.

Result - Indicates the value of your lab test and, if abnormal, provides an indicator (e.g., High, Low, High*, Low* where the asterisk [*] indicates the value is critically high or low).

Units - Indicates the measurement of the result.

Reference Range - Indicates the acceptable range of values for the test result.

Test Details - Select Details to view more specific information about the particular test.

Learn more - Select this link to learn more about the many laboratory tests that are part of routine healthcare.