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Check Updates (overview)

To make sure that you are viewing your most current, up-to-date information in VA Blue Button, you can select the Check Updates Button.

About this task

When you log into your My HealtheVet account, your available VA health information will begin to update. While your VA health information is being updated, a list of each type of information that is being updated is displayed. You can view the list in the yellow box at the top of the Blue Button pages. For example, the list may include:

  • VA Notes

  • VA Appointments

  • VA Vitals and Readings

  • And so on

Depending on the amount of information in your VA health record, updates to your VA health information may take time. To check the status of your update you can select the Check Updates button. An updated message will display, showing which information is still being updated. For example, if your VA Notes update is complete, when you select Check Updates, you will no longer see VA Notes listed. To know each time an update is complete, you may need to select Check Updates more than once.

When all updates have been completed, a message will display showing your information has been updated. Remember that when you come back on another day, your information begins to update again. You can continue to use the VA Blue Button to download your data if you choose. Each section of the VA Blue Button includes a "Last Updated" date so that you can always tell when your information was last updated.