Are You At Risk?

Read these six steps you can take to reduce your risks while using My HealtheVet:

  1. If you access My HealtheVet on a shared or public computer, make sure you can delete the personal information related to your use of the computer when you log off. Most public access computers have such a button, or advise you that this will happen when you log off. If you are using another person's computer, make sure that the TEMP files are deleted from the browser.

  2. Never share your password. Change it every 90 days and write it down for your own use.

  3. Update your email address in your user profile.

  4. One of the most popular features on My HealtheVet is the Blue Button. This is a collection of parts of your health record that you can review and share with your health care team, inside or outside of VA. Be careful to protect it from being seen by strangers, either as a PDF or if you choose to print it out on a public printer.

  5. If you have a security concern, or you receive notification of an action you did not take, call or send a message to the Help Desk(1-877-327-0022 Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. -7 p.m. Central Time).

  6. My HealtheVet cares about protecting Veterans personal information. Learn more about privacy and security practices to protect your data.

Get more information about computer security and how to protect your information from US-CERT.