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United States Department  of Veterans Affairs

Making A Difference

Charleston Champions My HealtheVet

Veteran gives the thumbs up
Veteran learns about MyHealtheVet

The My HealtheVet (MHV) Team at the VA Medical Center in Charleston, SC is reaching out to inform and train veterans, families, and VA staff about My HealtheVet. When new patients and their families learn about services offered at the hospital, they are given information about MHV. Educational opportunities are periodically offered to veterans receiving care at the medical center and MHV materials are available at each event. When patients are discharged from the hospital, a MHV brochure is included in their discharge packet. Hospital employees are educated about My HealtheVet in a variety of ways. New employees hear about MHV during their first week of training. Charleston created the first MHV computer training program which is offered to all of their employees. Other VAs use the Charleston Training Program as a model for training their staff

The My HealtheVet Team in Charleston is extremely creative in spreading information about MHV throughout the veteran community. They actively communicate with veterans through newspaper articles, newsletters, and by attending health fairs, veteran service organization meetings, and other veteran/community events. Soon, the MHV logo and website will be printed on the back of official Charleston VA medical center envelops. MHV posters, signs for hospital closed-circuit televisions, and other MHV communications materials are successfully used for informing veterans and employees about MHV.

Veteran volunteers help out
Staff at Charleston

The creative efforts of My HealtheVet Team in Charleston, SC are also having an impact on a national level. Team members are working with Consolidated Pharmacy Mail-Out Program managers to have the MHV logo and website printed on all prescription bottle caps nationally. This outstanding strategy will provide opportunities for a huge number of veterans to learn about MHV. Charleston has also begun placing MHV information on the paper sleeves issued to veterans when they receive their Veteran Identification Cards and other VAs are likely to adopt this approach at their medical centers.

The efforts of the MHV Team at the VA in Charleston, SC are making an important contribution to the My HealtheVet Project's mission of improving health care for ALL veterans, independent of where they receive care, by providing health information and health assessments via the web.

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