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Coming Home: Developing a Theological Response for Returning Combat Veterans
Author: Rev. Dr. John P. Oliver, BCC, ACPE Supervisor

Coming Home After War (PDF): Readjusting to life after war is complicated for service members and their families. Explores how the unexpected reactions to trauma can create significant challenges for all.

Effects of Trauma (PDF): Trauma affects individuals on many levels. Explores the physical, emotional and spiritual reactions we can expect after deployment.

Spirituality and Rebuilding Life (PDF): Readjustment and reconnection to one’s world after war is a Spiritual Journey. Clergy are often called upon to assist. Explores spirituality and the nature of reconnecting.

Pastoral Care Approaches to Individuals After War (PDF): Pastoral Care to individuals post–trauma requires that ministers use their particular gifts well. Explores the specific gifts ministers have in caring for individuals after traumatic events; names specific things not to do.

Developing a Community Response (PDF): Providing community–based support groups is an excellent way to "adopt" a Veteran or service members and their families. Explores both the need for community responses as well as resources for develop such community support systems.

Resources for Clergy (PDF): Brief review of "best practices" helps congregations determine how they might respond to the issues discussed. Explores responses and resources for communities wishing to provide support to Veterans, service members and their families.

Learn more about the mission of the National Chaplain Center to empower VA Chaplains to meet the spiritual healthcare needs of Veterans.

If you are a Veteran and have questions or concerns about spiritual issues, please contact a VA chaplain. Please enter your zip code or click on your state to find the VA Medical Center (not a benefits office or outpatient clinic, etc.) nearest you. When you call the main number for the medical center, ask the operators to direct your call to Chaplain Service.

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