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Reviewed/Updated Date: June 2011
Clinical Advisory Board Sponsor: James Halloran
Clinical Subject Matter Experts: Patricia A. Kinder, RN, MBA; Bobbi Jo Crim
Patient Education Subject Matter Experts: Patricia A. Kinder, RN, MBA

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Are you in a bad mood? If feelings of sadness and lack of energy keep you down for long periods of time, don't pass it off as just a "bad mood." Don't listen to people who say "It's all in your head." Yes, it is all in your head! That's where depression starts. The difference between depression and sadness is a physical part that affects sleep, appetite, concentration and memory. Just as in physical illness, depression can and should be treated. If you have symptoms such as feelings of worthlessness or emptiness, sleeplessness, anxiety, lack of energy, loss of interest in life, see your Health Care Provider immediately; you may also need to see a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist specializing in depression. Depression can be treated!

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