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Research Health

The Research Health section of My HealtheVet is where you can get health information, research a topic, and simply learn more about your health. Read about common conditions and VA health programs. Get answers to your health questions from trusted medical resources. My HealtheVet makes it easy to stay informed by bringing a wealth of information right to your fingertips.

Healthy Living Centers

Healthy Living Centers

Healthy living means taking certain steps to help avoid illness... More »

Diseases +
Condition Centers

Diseases + Condition Centers

Find information for common illnesses and conditions... More »

Mental Health

Mental Health

From holiday blues to the stresses of being a soldier... More »

Medical Library

Medical Library

My HealtheVet provides two extensive online medical libraries... More »

Health Fact

Seasonal Health Bulletin

The Best Offense Is A Good Defense! Eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising can help your immune system better fight off the germs that cause illness.


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