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Allergies and Adverse Reactions VA Detail

The Allergies and Adverse Reactions Detail page is a read-only page where you can view details of an Allergy or and Adverse Reaction as documented in your VA electronic health record.

Printer Friendly - Select this link to display a printer friendly page designed to print on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

Location - This field provides the location of the VA facility that entered this information.

Date Entered - This field shows the date the allergen or reactant was entered into your VA electronic health record.

Allergen/Reactant - This field shows the name of the item you are allergic to.

Reaction/Side Effect - This field describes your reaction to the allergen.

Allergy Type - This field describes the type of allergy (Food, Drug or Other) that your VA health care team identified.

VA Drug Class - If the Allergy Type was identified as a Drug, this field describes the drug group to which you had a reaction.

Observed/Historical - This field indicates whether this reaction was observed by your VA health care team or is documented as a historical fact based on information you provided.

Comments - This field provides comments entered by your VA health care team relating to this event.

Return To List - This button allows you to return to the previous page containing the Allergies and Adverse Reactions Summary results from your VA electronic health record.