Add Cholesterol/Lipids Information

This page is used to enter a new listing into your personal Cholesterol/Lipids record. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Date (* Required) - Select a date by clicking on the calendar icon to open a pop-up window with a clickable calendar. Click a date in the calendar to automatically set the date.

Fast/Non Fast (* Required) - Select Fast, Non-Fast, or Blank.

Total Cholesterol (* Required) - Enter the total cholesterol number.

HDL (* Required) - Enter the HDL number.

LDL (* Required) - Enter the LDL number.

Triglycerides (* Required) - Enter the triglyceride number.

Location - Enter the location of the test.

Provider - Enter the name of the provider.

Comments - Enter any additional information, up to 255 characters.

Save - Click Save to record the entry.

Save & Add Another - Click Save & Add Another to record the entry and display an empty form to add another record.

Reset - Click Reset to return the fields to their original blank state.

Cancel - Click Cancel to return to the previous page.