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A Veteran's Story: Living 25 Years with HIV

veteran's story

I am writing this as a personal testimonial to the excellent care I receive from VA. It is a gift, for which I am profoundly grateful. In 1986, I was diagnosed with HIV. Since that time, I have received all my medical care from the VA Medical System. I have other health concerns unrelated to HIV. However, I remain relatively healthy because of the excellent treatment I have received, which has mitigated the problems associated with my being HIV+. With antiviral medication provided by the VA, as well as continuous monitoring by my primary care provider, I have reduced my viral load to zero and maintained it at this level for many years. I continue to live a very active and highly productive life.

Participating in my own health care and being aware of the importance of my own attitude and actions has enabled me to live with this disease successfully. I have accepted the fact that, in order to maintain my health, I must follow certain rules. These include meticulous adherence to a specific health regimen, continuous monitoring, regular interaction with health care givers, and immediate treatment of symptoms. I have come to understand that if one is not willing to participate in their care, then the quality of care does not make any difference. Thus, the excellent VA care, in conjunction with my personal initiative, has been a lifesaver for me.

I offer my thanks for the services the VA has given me. I know the VA provides the same services to countless other Veterans throughout the country, who are affected by this disease. I am sure that they too feel fortunate to have the VA available to them for care and support.


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Updated December 1, 2011