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Five Steps to a Healthier Heart

Each year, about 800,000 people die from heart disease. You have the power to reduce your risk of developing heart problems. You can start by taking five basic steps to improve your heart health.

Agent Orange, My HealtheVet and Online Help

During the Vietnam War, the military used Agent Orange. Years later, some Veterans experience health effects potentially related to Agent Orange.

Don't Chew On This: Help for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco is just as addictive as cigarettes. It can sometimes take many attempts to quit smokeless tobacco, and that's okay. On February 22, join others across the nation in recognition of the Great American Spit Out, a day when smokeless tobacco users are encouraged to quit for a day and, ultimately, quit for good. Quitting smokeless tobacco is hard. But it helps if you have a plan.

Keep Your Contact Info Up-To-Date on My HealtheVet

My HealtheVet keeps your essential contact information on record. Most of this info isn't shared outside of My HealtheVet, but it's important to keep it updated.