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VA Prescription History

You must be a registered My HealtheVet user and have selected the VA Patient checkbox during registration to view your VA prescription history. To use this service, select the Pharmacy dropdown in the main menu bar. Then, select VA Prescription History from the main menu bar. You will view your Pharmacy options in the left-hand menu panel. Choose VA Prescription History to view a list of your past VA prescribed medications.

The VA Prescription History table has five column headings. Each prescription is referenced by its prescription number.

The information in the table is sorted first by Fill Date and then by Prescription Name. The triangle symbol next to Fill Date means this column can be sorted in ascending or descending order. You can select any of the underlined column headings to sort the table information.

  • Fill Date - For an Active prescription, the Fill Date is the date the prescription was last refilled. Otherwise, the Fill Date means the next possible refill date. If a prescription has never been refilled, the Fill Date is the date that it was first issued.

  • Prescription - This column shows the name and number of the prescription to be refilled. The instructions are displayed below the prescription number.

  • Status - This column displays the status of the prescription:

    • Active: A prescription is listed as Active if it is available for refill. To refill the prescription, you must open the Refill VA Prescriptions page by selecting the left navigation bar.

    • Active: Submitted: Submitted means that a refill request has been received by My HealtheVet, but has not been processed yet.

    • Active: Refill in Process: This status shows that a refill request is being processed by the pharmacy. When a prescription is in the Active: Refill in Process status, the Fill Date will show when the prescription will be ready for delivery via mail by a VA Mail Order Pharmacy.

    • Active: Hold: The prescription has been put on hold by the pharmacy or the provider and is not available to be refilled.

    • Discontinued: Discontinued means the prescription has been discontinued by the manufacturer of the drug or the VA provider.

    • Expired: This means that the prescription has expired.

  • Facility - Facility is the name of the VA facility where the prescription was originally issued.

  • Prescription Tracking - Track Delivery button is shown in this column if the prescription was filled by the VA Mail Order Pharmacy and mailed in the last 45 days.

Updates to the prescription list or a change in status will be visible after midnight each calendar day.

An unlimited number of prescriptions are viewable. Up to 10 prescriptions can be viewed at one time on this page view. Up to 100 prescriptions can be viewed at one time by selecting the list in the footer of the table. Select other buttons in the footer of the table to change the page and prescriptions that are viewable.

Select View Allergies and Adverse reactions button on the top of the page to view the list of Allergies and Adverse reactions.

The table will display the Allergies and Adverse Reactions entered by you or received from your record at VA Medical Centers. To add or edit the entries in this list, select the Add/Edit Allergies and Adverse Reactions button. The information in the table is sorted first by Date Entered and then by Allergen/Reactant.

  • Date Entered - This field shows the date the allergen was entered.

  • Allergen/Reactant - This field shows the names of your allergens.

  • Reaction/Side Effect - This field describes your reaction to each allergen.

  • Location - This field provides the location of the VA facility that entered this information.

  • Source - This field reflects the source of this information. If you entered the allergen information, Self will be displayed; otherwise, VA will be displayed.

The date and time that the VA Prescription History Information table was last updated is visible on the top of each page.

Select the Print button to print the complete table of prescription entries. This button opens the page that allows you to view the printable information. Then select the Print button on this page.

To print information about a single prescription, select the Prescription name in the Prescription column for the desired prescription. The View Prescription History Information Detail page will display. Then select the Print button on this page.