Profiles Help

You can update your registration information by clicking the Personal Information and Profiles tabs of the main menu bar.


In this section enter your full name, Social Security Number, date of birth, marital status, occupation and gender. Please note: When you enter your name, it cannot contain any numbers (for example, after your last name, do not enter III or the 3rd).

If you select 'VA Patient' in the 'Relationship to the VA' section, then your Social Security Number is required. When you do this you will be able to use the VA Prescription Refill service through My HealtheVet

To access copies of portions of your VA medical record, including prescription drug names, you will need to complete a one time In-Person Authentication Process (IPA). Once you have completed the IPA process, your first and last name, Social Security Number and date of birth fields cannot be changed on your Profile page. If you need to change this information, please contact your VA facility.

Relationship to the VA

Select your relationship to the VA by checking the appropriate checkbox. If you check VA Patient, your registration information will be matched with your official VA record (as described above). If you are a VA Patient and a match is not found during this process, you will have to check a different box to complete Registration. If this happens, please complete registration and use the Contact MHV link so we can assist you. You can always go back and change this setting later.

If you have successfully completed the In-Person Authentication Process, the relationship to VA cannot be changed.

Donor Information

Enter your blood type here and check the box if you are an organ donor. This information will be part of your Wallet Card.

Primary Address

Enter your address here.

Contact Information

Enter the method you prefer to be contacted. Then enter that information in the applicable field below. Your preferred method of contact will require you to enter information in the corresponding field.

Health Awareness Information

Select the health subjects you are interested in and if would like to receive this information by email.

Security Questions

Note: Security questions are only for My HealtheVet accounts with a My HealtheVet User ID and Password.

A Password Hint is a question that you will be asked to answer to confirm your identity if you cannot remember your password. To complete this step in the registration process, you must select two password hint questions that you can easily answer, as well as remember. Select two of the password hint questions and enter the answers for each question.