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Springtime is Flood Time. Prepare Yourself!

As we trade our winter coats for light jackets, it is time to prepare for spring's unpredictable weather. With many U.S. states facing potential floods and tornados, it's advisable that...

Secure Messaging Changes: Sleeker, Easier to Use

If you're a VA patient and Premium user of My HealtheVet, you already know that Secure Messaging is very useful. You can read messages from your doctors, ask your therapist questions, inquire...

Power Lunch: Tips to Eating Better

Is lunch your most overlooked meal of the day? On a tight schedule, it's tempting to skip or grab fast food for lunch. These quick fixes can lead to obesity as well as reduced energy and...

Colon and Rectal Cancer: Have You Been Checked?

What is colon and rectal (colorectal) cancer? What are the symptoms? How can you prevent colorectal cancer? All adult men and women are at risk of developing colorectal cancer. We have a list of...

Agent Orange, My HealtheVet and Online Help

During the Vietnam War, the military used Agent Orange, a tactical herbicide used to reduce vegetation and tree cover in Vietnam. Years later, some Veterans experience health effects potentially...

Manage Your Meds with Secure Messaging and Rx Refill

Do you have a question about your new prescription? Wonder about drug and food interactions? If you have a question about a prescription, you can send a Secure Message. Your VA health care team...

Start MOVE!-ing - Let this App Be Your Guide

With Spring right around the corner, some of us may step on the scale and see a gain of 5, 10 or maybe 15 pounds. If you took a break from healthy habits and it's been challenging to get back...

Five Steps to a Healthier Heart

Each year, about 800,000 people die from heart disease. You have the power to reduce your risk of developing heart problems. You can start by taking five basic steps to improve your heart health.

Keep Your Contact Info Up-To-Date on My HealtheVet

My HealtheVet keeps your essential contact information on record. Most of this info isn't shared outside of My HealtheVet, but it's important to keep it updated.

Heart Disease and Women: Do You Know Your Numbers?

One in three women die from cardiovascular diseases and stroke each year, killing about one woman every 80 seconds.

Your Super Bowl Menu Playbook

Whether you're a Patriots fan or an Eagles fan or just a fan of a good game, the Super Bowl is a lot more than football. It's a time for friends and family to eat tasty food.

Help with Pressure Ulcers in a Mobile App

Pressure ulcers are a serious concern for Veterans and caregivers. VA has a new tool that helps caregivers understand and track pressure ulcers/injuries.

Questions to Ask Your Health Care Provider

Ever stop and wonder, 'what are all these pills for?' Take charge of your health in the New Year by asking your doctor questions about your prescriptions and other medications.

How Busy is My HealtheVet? We've Got Your Numbers

Veterans and caregivers use My HealtheVet to manage their health care, refill prescriptions, exchange Secure Messages and even learn about different conditions and ailments. From the number of...

Twelve Health Resolutions for 2018

The New Year is a time when most of us think about changes we want to make to live healthier lives. VA has twelve resolutions that can help you improve your health and promote wellness during 2018.

Veterans Can Schedule Appointments Online

Have you scheduled your first online appointment through My HealtheVet yet? Veterans at more than 100 VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) across the country are now able to request or schedule appointments...

Arthritis: What You Need to Know

Cold weather may not be the reason your joints are aching this winter. You could be one of the millions of people living with some form of arthritis. To treat your arthritis, you need to know what...

Our Top Five of 2017

My HealtheVet shared over 100 articles with you through the My HealtheVet Update newsletter. Here's a list of our top five articles to take with you into 2018.

Don't Chew On This: Help for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco is just as addictive as cigarettes. It can sometimes take many attempts to quit smokeless tobacco, and that's okay. On February 22, join others across the nation in...

The Dinner Conversation That Could Save Your Life

While there are many topics we avoid during holiday dinners, there's one thing we should discuss: family health history. This helps you to take steps to reduce your risk of certain health...