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Ask a Pharmacist: Get Answers to your VA Pharmacy Questions

Do you have questions about your medications? Now, VA has a new web application (app) that can help.

VA launched the Ask a Pharmacist app, which provides an easy way to find answers to questions VA pharmacists regularly hear from patients. Having to search through multiple VA sites to find answers or rely on sites outside of VA that may not be accurate is frustrating. Now, you can use Ask a Pharmacist to find information that you know is reliable and VA-approved.

"The Ask a Pharmacist app is a place for Veterans to find as much VA pharmacy information as we can provide." said Eric Spahn, a pharmacist with VA Pharmacy Benefits Management. He has been involved in the app's development from the beginning. "We are putting My HealtheVet pharmacy information in one place. It also includes trusted external resources to help Veterans learn about types of medication information that is available, and determine what information is important."

Ask a Pharmacist can help you find a VA pharmacy close to you, and learn more about how VA pharmacies operate. You can also learn about the medications you take. This includes how to identify your pills by sight, how to read medication labels, how your medicines may interact with each other, and more.

You can access the app on your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or any device with an Internet connection. Anyone can use it! Ask a Pharmacist links to many VA pharmacy resources. It also provides links to many trusted resources such as Pill ID for any medication-related question.

Visit Ask a Pharmacist online.



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