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Hearing Aids Connect with Telehealth

If you use hearing aids, you know they need to be adjusted as your needs change. Talk to your doctor about how VA Video Connect can help you manage your hearing device from home.

After 50: Changing Your Diet

As your body ages and your metabolism slows, you may need to make some changes. Eat wisely and improve your health using these seven tips.

My HealtheVet is Mobile-Friendly

Use these easy steps to always find your My HealtheVet account from the home screen of your mobile device.

Traumatic Brain Injury? Talk to Your Doctor

A problem with traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is that it can hide in plain sight. Next time you talk to your doctor, bring these questions with you to check on any ongoing symptoms.

Refill Prescriptions from Your Phone

The Rx Refill app can help you manage VA prescriptions from your mobile devices. With a Premium account, you can request refills, track deliveries, and more on My HealtheVet.

Women's Health: Prevent the Top Threats

Women's health risks change over time. What was a concern at thirty may not necessarily be one at fifty, sixty, or older. Remind yourself of a few top health threats.

Exercise and Your Memory

Did you know that recent studies have shown exercise can improve how your brain works? We want you to understand how exercise can boost your brain and how VA can help.