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VA Demographics

What are VA Demographics?

Demographics are the collection of information that describes a population. In My HealtheVet, VA Demographics includes a VA patient's military and social data. This information is provided by the Veteran when they enroll in the VA Healthcare System. It may include name, age, gender, race, and Social Security Number. VA uses what the Veteran provides, to verify who you are, create your VA health record and to communicate with you.

VA Demographics is a part of the My HealtheVet Personal Health Record. It can be found in the VA Blue Button - Download My Data section. VA patients can view their demographic information, as listed in their official VA health record.

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What Information will I be able to view in VA Demographics?

Your VA Demographics includes all information from any VA health care facility where you received care. VA Demographics for each VA facility may contain the following:

You will also see the following note: Your information in My HealtheVet is not transferred to your VA Health Record. Also, VA Demographic information is not updated between VA treating facilities. If you have any questions or updates, please contact your VA health care team.

*To get a My HealtheVet Premium account, you will need to go through authentication. This is a process by which VA verifies a Veterans' identity before allowing access to your VA health record. To learn more, go to: Upgrading your My HealtheVet account through In-Person or Online Authentication.

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Who can see my VA Demographics in My HealtheVet?

You are the only one who can see your information in My HealtheVet unless you choose to share it with others.

Your VA Demographics information is personal. You are responsible for protecting any information you print or download. Protect this the same way you would your banking or credit card information.

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Is information in My HealtheVet protected, secure, and private?

My HealtheVet is a secure website. The VA follows strict security policies and practices to make sure that your personal information is safe and secure.

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If I change demographic information in My HealtheVet, will it update my VA health record?

No. You can only update or change demographic information in your VA health record by going to Update Your Information and/or visiting the Eligibility Department at your local VA medical center.

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Am I able to change information in my VA Demographics?

Your VA Demographics is presented to you the way it is in your official VA health record. If you believe information in your VA Demographics is not accurate or needs to be updated, go to Update Your Information and/or visit the Eligibility Department at your local VA medical center.

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Will I receive an email if my VA Demographics are updated?

No. Your information is refreshed once a day when you open VA Blue Button. If there has been any change to your VA Demographics, you will be able to see it.

Note: The VA Demographics that are in your official VA health record may not be updated regularly. If you have questions about the accuracy of your demographic information, go to Update Your Information.

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Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with the VA Demographics?

You can contact My HealtheVet about technical problems you have with the VA Demographics feature. Simply complete the Contact Us form to send a message to the My HealtheVet Help Desk. The staff will respond to your problem within three (3) business days.

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I see a yellow text box at the top of the page with a triangle icon, what does this mean?

This is a message box that lets you know the status of your VA Demographic information.

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Updated March 5, 2020