VA Health Record FAQs

VA Cytology

What is Cytology?

Cytology is the use of microscopes to examine single cells or small group of cells. This test is different from a biopsy, which examines pieces of tissue. The test may be done to look for cancers and precancerous changes in the cells. It may also be used to look for viral infections in cells.

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What is VA Cytology?

VA Cytology is a section of the My HealtheVet Personal Health Record. It can be found under the VA Blue Button section. Here VA patients can view information from their VA Cytology report(s). This information comes from your official VA health record.

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What are the requirements for viewing the VA Cytology?

To view VA Cytology you must get an upgraded Premium My HealtheVet account. To learn more, go to: In-Person or Online.

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Can others see my VA Cytology report in My HealtheVet?

You are the only one who can see your information in My HealtheVet. You decide how to share that information. If you want someone else to see your information, you must give it to him or her.

VA Cytology test results have information about you that is personal. You are responsible for protecting the personal health information you print out or download. It is important to protect your information. Protect it the same way you would protect your banking or credit card information.

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Is information in My HealtheVet protected, secure, and private?

Yes, My HealtheVet is a secure website. The VA follows strict security policies and practices to make sure that your personal health information is safe and secure.

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Can I change the information in my VA Cytology?

No, your information is presented to you the way it is in your official VA health record. If you have questions about the information presented in these reports, please speak with your VA health care team or VA provider.

Do you have lab reports from other non-VA medical facilities? If yes, please speak with your VA health care team to ensure that this information is included in your VA health record.

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Will I get an email when my VA Cytology test result is available in My HealtheVet?

No, you will not receive an email when your VA Cytology report becomes available in My HealtheVet.

Please note that your VA Cytology test results may take as long as 2-3 weeks before they are available through VA Blue Button. If you have questions you can contact your VA health care team. You can do this using Secure Messaging, by phone or during your next clinic visit.

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How is my VA Cytology report created?

When your provider collects a specimen from you, it is sent to the lab. After it is examined the findings are placed in a report. Once complete, this report is entered into your VA health care record, where My HealtheVet pulls it into VA Blue Button. If you had a specimen sent for Cytology, this report can be viewed in My HealtheVet as VA Cytology.

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What information will I be able to view in VA Cytology?

VA Cytology is made up of reports. It includes identified diagnoses and characterizes disease by examining single cells or a group of cells. The specimen comes from body fluids that your VA health care team submits to the laboratory.

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How soon will I see my results after my VA Cytology test is done?

VA Pathology (Surgical Pathology, Cytology and Electron Microscopy) reports are available 14 calendar days after they have been completed. Some studies done at a non-VA facility may not be available or they may not necessarily include an interpretation.

If you have any questions about your information please visit the FAQs or contact your VA health care team. You can do this using Secure Messaging, by phone or during your next clinic visit.

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Where can I learn more about Cytology or a certain health condition?

Use the Medical Library in My HealtheVet to learn more about a specific health condition or information you found in your VA Cytology report. The Medical Library has in-depth information about medical conditions.

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Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with the VA Cytology feature?

You can contact My HealtheVet about problems you have with the VA Cytology feature. Simply complete the Contact Us form to send a message to the My HealtheVet Help Desk.

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Updated June 26, 2020