Self-Entered FAQs


What are the requirements for using the Allergies: Self Entered feature in My HealtheVet?

To use the Allergies: Self-Entered feature, you must be registered in My HealtheVet.

If you are a Veteran and use the VA health care system, you are encouraged to obtain a My HealtheVet Premium account. With this account, you will have access to key portions of your VA health care record (including VA Allergies) and Secure Messaging with your VA health care teams.

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How do I access the self-entered Allergies feature?

  • Sign into your My HealtheVet account

  • Select the Track Health tab

  • Select Health History

  • Your Self-Entered Allergies is displayed in a table

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Is self-entered Allergies information protected, secure, and private?

My HealtheVet is a secure website. The VA follows strict security policies and practices to make sure that your personal health information is safe and protected.

Important to note: You are responsible for protecting your personal information you print out or download. It is important to protect your information. Protect this information the same way you would protect your banking or credit card information. Do not leave your printed information on a printer. Do not save your downloaded information to a public computer. When using a public computer, save your information to a CD and/or thumb drive. Remember to take the CD or thumb drive with you when you finish. You should never send an email that contains personal health information. This is because email is not secure.

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Can my VA and/or non-VA health care team view the Allergies information that I have self-entered?

No, your VA and/or non-VA health care team cannot view any information in your Personal Health Record. This includes your self-entered Allergies information. Your VA and/or non-VA health care team does not have access to your self-entered information unless you print it and share it with them.

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What should I do if I have any questions about my self-entered Allergies information?

  • Select the Learn More link under the About MHV tab. Here, you can find general information about Allergies.

  • Use the Medical Library in My HealtheVet to learn more about a specific health condition or information about Allergies. The Medical Library has in-depth information about medical conditions.

  • Contact your VA and/or non-VA health care team if you have any questions related to your care or your Allergies information.

  • If you use the VA health care system and have a Premium My HealtheVet account, you can use Secure Messaging to ask your health care team a question about your allergies.

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Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with the self-entered Allergies feature?

You can contact My HealtheVet about technical problems you may have with the self-entered Allergies feature. Simply complete the Contact MHV form to send a message to the My HealtheVet Help Desk.

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Updated June 26, 2020