Scheduling Non-VA Appointments 

Online appointments now include non-VA medical care

Going online and signing in to set up a VA appointment may not be new to you. But did you know that you can now set up appointments with doctors outside the VA system?

You may be able to make appointments online with a doctor, specialist, therapist, or other kinds of providers outside of the VA health care system. These community providers (‘non-VA’) will work with your VA medical facility to give you timely and appropriate care. Many of the medical records can transfer to your My HealtheVet account. Make sure you have a Premium account, but if you don’t, learn how you can get one.

To be eligible to use VA online scheduling to request community care appointments, you must meet only one of the eligibility criteria for community care. You will not be billed for their services. It's paid for by VA as part of the health care you have earned.

To use VA online scheduling, sign in using your (verified), (verified), My HealtheVet (Premium), or DS Logon (Premium) account credentials. When your appointment has been scheduled with an in-network (approved) community provider, VA online scheduling allows you to view your upcoming appointments. You may also choose to get email updates about your appointments.

If you have problems requesting a community care appointment using VA Online Scheduling, contact the Veterans Affairs Health Resource Center at 877-470-5947 or your local VA medical facility. Locate the nearest VA medical facility using the VA Facility Locator.

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