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United States Department  of Veterans Affairs

Healthy Living Centers

The Office of Veterans Health Education and Information within the VHA National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, in collaboration with the Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards, has developed a library of educational and health promotion materials on healthy living to enable Veterans to take control of their own health. VHA is in the process of developing a full library of topics for this website.

These centers help Veterans take control of their own health. Eating Wisely, Physical Activity, and Sleep are the basics of health. Veterans often look for a sense of meaning and purpose. The Spirituality Center offers ideas and actions that give strength, courage, and hope. Quitting smoking or using tobacco is hard. The Smoking and Tobacco Use Cessation Center ensures Veterans do not do it alone. Changes in seasons can create trouble for Veterans and their families. The Emergency Preparedness Center helps Veterans protect against all types of hazards. Veterans learn how to get the most out of medications while keeping safe in the Medication: Play It Safe Center. As service members move from active duty to civilian life, we provide information and services. The Separation from Active Duty Center encourages healthier behaviors that are doable and last. The Caregiver Assistance Center offers resources that help caregivers take better care of our Veterans.

Eat Wisely Eat Wisely Physical Activity Physical Activity Smoking + Tobacco Use Cessation Smoking + Tobacco Use Cessation
Separation from Active Duty Separation from Active Duty Caregiver AssistanceCaregiver Assistance Healthy SleepHealthy Sleep
Emergency Preparedness Emergency Preparedness Medications: Play It SafeMedications: Play It Safe SpiritualitySpirituality
Spinal Cord InjurySpinal Cord Injury

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Don't bite off more than you can chew! Manage your time more effectively. Make a "To Do List" of things that you can achieve and set priorities. Break tasks into smaller-sized chunks. Delegate as much as you can. Remember that tomorrow is another day, and come to terms with the fact that you may not get everything done today.

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